Growth of color

Growth of colorWhile I usually photograph as epic a landscape scene that I can find, whether it be a great sunset or the Milky Way in the night sky, I also enjoy photographing the smaller things like leaves and flowers. So when I was walking around Culver City, CA with a couple of my friends, I happened to look up at this tree because of the growth of pink color right in the heart of the green leaves. Of course, there were other branches with pink growing on it, but this seemed to be the most dominant of the bunch. So I composed this image to try and keep this centered in the frame. What was also pretty cool was how I was able to catch a little bit of a web going from one branch to the next. Natural scenes like this tend to brighten up my day. I suppose it’s because of the simplicity of the scene that I enjoy. Or perhaps it’s because seeing something like this means that I’m out and about, enjoying a walk and getting some sun.

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