MeaningfulIn all my travels, whether it be by road throughout the States, or in another country, I find that the most meaningful memories to me involve moments like this. Moments where I’m standing in the middle of nature with an epic landscape in front of me. And whenever I’m on the grounds of Manzanar in the Eastern Sierra Nevada, I find that even the most simple moments leave such a deep and lasting impression on my mind. This scene is by far one of my favorite views, but being on the ground of Manzanar I of course can’t help but think about the history of those camps and what 110,000 Japanese Americans had to go through during World War II. Personally, I have no personal attachment to the history there in terms of blood relation and the like. But I think I’d have to be completely dense not to feel the history emanating from the grounds which sits right in the middle of this great land.

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秋富士吉田市 – Fujiyoshida in the Fall

Fujiyoshida in the Fall

When I was last in Japan recently, my good friend +Takahiro Yamamoto managed to get some free time so that we could take a road trip to Fujiyoshida in the Yamanashi Prefecture. It's an area that I had always wanted to visit so we headed there hoping … [Continue reading]