Flapping in the wind

Flapping in the windThere’s just something about a flag up high and flapping gracefully in the wind. From small little sports flags that rest on the windows of passing cars, to the flags of foreign countries and of course, Old Glory here in the United States. With any personal biases aside, I’ve always liked the design of the American Flag. I love the combination of the red, white, blue. The stars and stripes. It’s just always been a flag that I’ve enjoyed. But not necessarily for what it may or may not represent now, but for the history behind it. I like the history behind any flag actually, but growing up with the American Flag of course gives it a special bit of flavor for me. The history of the United States is full of amazing stories and moments in its lifetime. Inspirational, violent, dark, and light, United States history is something that always keep me interested enough to continue learning more and more about. I’ll even try to catch whatever documentary I can about history whenever it’s available on Netflix. And I wouldn’t call myself a history buff by any means, but I do love learning more about the history of this nation as well as any nation.

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