Gentle Ending

Gentle EndingAt this point, after years of me posting daily images to my photoblog, it should come as no surprise that I love the Eastern Sierra Nevada. It’s just a road trip away and provides some incredible scenery in every direction. So with that being said, it’s common for me and my pal to end up taking an impromptu drive up North. We didn’t have any particular location in mind, we just drove until we finally felt like stopping. We ended up pulling over in Lone Pine because we not only is there a great view of the Mount Whitney mountain range from there, but there’s also a nice long road which leads towards Death Valley that we knew we could use in our compositions. That and the sunset was approaching so we thought we wanted to see what we could get there without missing out on the colors of sunset. We walked off in different directions composing as we saw fit, and waiting for the colors to really pop in the sky. I got myself a couple of shots, but when the remaining sunlight started turning what little clouds there were into a soft pink color, I decided to zoom in as close as I could with the zoom lens that I had attached to grab a more closeup shot of the mountain ranges. When I first shot it I liked how the sky looked behind those snowy peaks, but I wasn’t sure about those hills were in front of the mountains. But when I looked at this shot on my laptop screen, I ended up really liking it. Quite simply, I enjoy the layers in this image. Darker, brown hills in the foreground. The epic mountains leading up to the snow. And then the gentle pink colors from the end of the day.

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