Rock hard sunset

Rock hard sunsetTypically when I’m faced with a great sunset I have no doubt in my mind that I’ll be processing it in color. The colors that Mother Nature shows off during sunrises and sunsets are like no other part of the day or night so naturally, I want to share the colors that I was lucky enough to see. For this shot however, I decided to go with black and white aka monochrome. There are a couple of reasons that came to mind for this. First, I’ve already processed several other photographs from this shoot that I’m pleased with and confident enough in to show off the color from this day. And two, my subject here is this pile of rocks on top of the hill that I climbed. Making the image black and white takes away the color and focuses the eye on the texture and shapes of my subject. Not that I find color distracting, but I my eye was just really drawn to this pile of rocks and I wanted to simply share that with anyone that happens to see this image on the internet. From the little patches of dirt and pebbles, to the bunches of foliage that are growing from several cracks in this rock pile, it just all seemed to pop when I converted this to monochrome. The sunset was quite incredible. The colors were nothing short of pure and rich. But this time for this image, these rocks stole the show.