MTS SDJust a short time ago I got to talking with some friends about some mini road trips, or rather, some train trips. In discussing where might be fun to go on the Amtrak, I mentioned San Diego might be a fun spot to visit. It’s a great town with so many things easily accessible by foot near the train station. Personally it’s actually been quite a while since I’ve been there, so with San Diego on my mind I decided to look through my RAW archives to pull out an unprocessed photo that I was able to shoot during my past trip to San Diego. I had made the solo day trip to enjoy exploring the town with nothing but me and my camera. When I stepped out of the Santa Fe train station I was immediately impressed with some of the tall structures that surrounded the station. In looking around and deciding which direction to head into first, I noticed a bunch of folks walk into this area which was just across the street. The San Diego Trolley of the MTS (Metropolitan Transit System) cuts through this building nicely. And what was most attractive to me was the ceiling above the tracks. The strong appearance and curving lines as it cut through the area was very cool and worked well with a wide angle lens. After grabbing this shot I made my way to the ocean for some lunch and some fun in the sun. And looking at this image now, it has me thinking it may be time to return to San Diego for some more fun and exploration.

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秋富士吉田市 – Fujiyoshida in the Fall

Fujiyoshida in the Fall

When I was last in Japan recently, my good friend +Takahiro Yamamoto managed to get some free time so that we could take a road trip to Fujiyoshida in the Yamanashi Prefecture. It's an area that I had always wanted to visit so we headed there hoping … [Continue reading]