A Little Rain

A Little RainCharlie, the long time manager of his local baseball team, had become sick of losing. He didn’t quite understand how he could have zero wins after several years in the league. At least whenever he took the field. He often wondered if he was the cause of so many losing efforts. Sure, some of his outfielders had a weak defense, but considering that his team has won without him on the field before, he couldn’t help but feel like he was the hindering factor. So during the off season Charlie practiced like had never practiced before. In addition to improving the placement of his fastball, he had become quite efficient with the deuce. And with a new found confidence in his arm he even managed to add a solid splitter to his arsenal. And pitching wasn’t the only aspect of the game he improved upon. With the help of his dog Snoopy, who just so happened to be one of the better players in his lineup, Charlie also improved his batting average significantly. He was ready for the start of the season. He was ready to turn his luck around and impress a certain little red haired girl. Charlie Brown was finally ready to he a winner.

Unfortunately, on opening day, the day that would be the beginning to Charlie’s winning ways, there was a rain delay. All games were called. All of the kids stayed indoors. And Charlie’s momentum of confidence was washed away in the rain. He was a bit down that day, but after some time in the rain he realized that he had plenty of games to play in the season with plenty of chances to start his winning ways.

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