MinionsHow many Minions does it take to, well, do anything? If you had to guess by looking at these guys, you’d probably guess that three isn’t a high enough number to do much of anything. Changing a light bulb is probably a very trying task. Not because of the job itself, but just look at these goofballs! He he. I had decided to visit the Universal City Walk with a friend of mine for some hanging and catching up and of course, some shooting. I’m a fan of the Minions and the Despicable Me movies and ride, so when I saw these guys just doing what they do inside the souvenir store just at the end of City Walk I simply had to grab a shot. Visitors had started to pile in so there wasn’t much opportunity to try different compositions, not that there was much room to begin with, but I’m pretty happy that I got this obvious composition. It shows each of the personalities of these characters and is a great way to greet visitors to the store. I ended up not getting anything for myself at the store, but I definitely have my sights set on a small Minion to add to my camera bag. Not to mention that my pal Danbo could use a new friend. He he. But until then, I’ll have to decide which one of these guys to add to my photography team.

秋富士吉田市 – Fujiyoshida in the Fall

Fujiyoshida in the Fall

When I was last in Japan recently, my good friend +Takahiro Yamamoto managed to get some free time so that we could take a road trip to Fujiyoshida in the Yamanashi Prefecture. It's an area that I had always wanted to visit so we headed there hoping … [Continue reading]