From the heart of a cavern

From the heart of a cavernOne of the things I enjoy about Red Rock Canyon State Park here in California is, of course, the Red Rock itself. They have such interesting textures and really stand out against the rest of the desert that surrounds it. During my last visit there on a scorching hot day, I made my way over stand right next to some of the rock formations for some shade. The heat coming off of the rocks were hitting me but it still felt much better than being out there without any shade. So while I was standing there surveying the scene I decided to explore the rock face a bit closer. More specifically this formation which looked like a deep cavern. While it was actually very shallow, it was still quite interesting, especially when looking up from right at the mouth of the entrance. So I pointed my camera up and took this shot. Perhaps I’ll bring a fisheye with me next time to get some more interesting perspectives. Until then I’ll continue planning that out in my head so that when I do find myself out there on a hot day, I can get myself into the shade for some shots and back into a nice, cool air conditioned car. He he.