A Blue World

A blue worldIf I had to pick just one particular time of the day to photograph anything, it would have to be the blue hour. Well, perhaps I should say two times of day because of the morning blue hour and the evening blue hour. But regardless, it’s blue hour that I enjoy shooting in the most. These are the times of day when Mother Nature paints the World in a beautifully natural blue light and color. And for specifically the morning blue hour, I absolutely love to be on the Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes in Death Valley, CA. There’s just something so beautiful about seeing such an epic landscape in that great blue lighting. One of the many reasons I love to be there for the morning blue hour is because most folks are still asleep in their beds or campers, so I’m able to have the dunes all to myself. Well, mostly to myself with the exception of other photographers, he he. But at the very least, it’s much easier to stake out one section of the desert all for myself. No worries of anyone crossing by in frame, and certainly no worries about someone just standing there in the frame. I don’t mind it so much, but for the morning blue hour and sunrise, I’d prefer a lone and empty landscape. On this morning, once settling on one of the higher dunes, I was in prime position to shoot in whichever direction I wanted. So as the morning light started to light up the desert, I turned my attention towards the downward slope of the dune I was standing on, as it led down to other smaller dunes and the base of a large mountain in the distance. The Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes is truly a special place and by far one location that I visit each time I’m in Death Valley.

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