Warmth of Wayfarers Chapel

Warmth of Wayfarers ChapelOf all the times I’ve been to Rancho Palos Verdes here in Southern California, I’ve never visited the Wayfarers Chapel that sits on the cliffs near the beaches. Of course it’s easy to say that I don’t have any need of a chapel, but considering that it supposedly has some of the finest architecture in town, one would think that I might have visited this building long ago. So during my last visit to the area, I finally stopped by to check it out. I’m not sure if the chapel itself is open to the public, but the facility itself, such as the office and gift shop were already closed by the time I arrived. But I could still explore the exterior of what is also called “The Glass Church”. The pathway leading to the main doors was alone was enough to see how well designed the chapel was. It was designed by Lloyd Wright, the son of Frank Lloyd Wright and was built between the years of 1949 to 1951. Yup, it’s been standing that long. And peeking inside of the closed door window, I was able to see why it’s called the Glass Church. The walls and ceilings are mostly constructed of glass! Which makes it even more impressive that this building has stood for so long, especially being on a cliff in a very windy area. Just another example of how carefully designed and constructed this building is. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some shots from the inside one of these days because it looked like quite a sight to see.