Two points in the sky

Two points in the skyI’ve made no secret that I’ve fallen in love with photographing the stars. I’ve always loved stargazing, but when I started to learn how to photograph a beautiful night sky, I became completely obsessed with night photography. From a technical point of view, I personally think that I have a long way to go and much more to learn. But from just a person that loves nature, it doesn’t really matter if I come away with decent shots from a night shoot. I simply enjoy being out and away from the artificial light pollution of a city and stargazing deep into the night. So with that said, it should come as no surprise that whenever I’m headed out on a mini road trip with friends, a suggestion that I’m always up for is heading up to the Easter Sierra Nevada. This time around, we ended up hanging out at the Alabama Hills campground area. It had been cloudy earlier in the day which made for an interesting sunset, but for a stargazer like me I was also happy to see the clouds drift away and make the night sky as clear as could be. There was also a nearly full moon in the sky, which didn’t allow for ideal star conditions, but as you can see, the moonlight only helped the scene and it didn’t hinder it one bit. And the moon especially couldn’t dim the brightness of Venus and Jupiter high up in the sky. Seeing these two points in the sky made looking for an interesting composition easier to do, especially in the Alabama Hills with so many already interesting rock formations across the landscape. So I setup here, facing this formation, with those two bright points in the sky outshining everything else.

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