Rowing Their Boat

Rowing Their BoatWhen I went to Knott’s Berry Farm earlier this Summer, one of the things I was looking forward to seeing was the Peanuts Gang. The last time I had been there was a very long time ago, and I recalled seeing folks dressed up as Snoopy and the gang walking around the park. You know, like how Disneyland has Mickey and Friends walking around. But when we arrived to the park, they were nowhere to be found. Boo. I’m not sure if they stopped doing that or if it was just a day off for the crew, but there wasn’t one live Peanut walking around. But all was not lost for me and my search for Peanuts because at the very least, there were still statues of the Gang all over the theme park. And with a mini Charlie Brown with me in my bag at all times, I was especially in tune with finding Charlie wherever they had him set up. And sure enough, after getting off the first ride with my nephew, I found Charlie and his little sister Sally rowing their boat across this little pond area. They seemed to be navigating the treacherous path underneath the roller coaster with ease, but as you can see, Charlie was still a little nervous. But I’m sure that was because he wanted to make sure Sally was safe and sound. On the other hand, Sally was all smiles as she usually is. She was enjoying the ride and having herself a fun time out on their boat.

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