Another Night In Bandung

Another night in BandungWell, with the Fall getting closer and closer, I’ve been thinking about where I might go once the weather takes a turn for the cold. Not that any given season stops me from traveling anywhere in the world, but I do find that when the temperature is cold in one place, it’s nice to take a break and escape to warmer climates for a couple of weeks. With that in mind, I’ve been, yet again, thinking about visiting my sister in Bandung, Indonesia. I haven’t seen her in a few years and I certainly haven’t been to Indonesia in a much longer span of time, so I’m thinking about finally making my return trip. We’ve discussed a visit several times before but it just hasn’t worked out. So hopefully I haven’t jinxed it and it works out this time around. And with Indonesia on my mind, I decided to take a trip down memory lane in my RAW archives to pull out yet another image from my first visit to Bandung. When I first arrived to the city, I decided to take a walk with my sis around the area. When I’m in a foreign city, especially for the first time, I love to take walks in random directions. No planning. No true goal destination. Just a simple walk to immerse myself in the environment. So when we headed out and walked around, we found that the sun had set and were now walking around at night. Which really made me glad that I had my tripod and camera with me, because on the way back home, I decided to stop at this street corner to try for a shot. The surroundings weren’t as spectacular as other parts of the city, but I loved how the road curved underneath the trees. And with the constant movement of vehicles driving back and forth along the street, I thought it would look quite interesting for some light streaks. And that’s how I ended up with this shot. Next time I’m in town I’m determined to get a shot from this corner again, so hopefully I don’t forget by the time I finally make it back to Bandung. He he.

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