Moonlit drive

Moonlit driveOften times whenever I make my way out into the depths of Mother Nature and away from the buzz of the city, one of the things I look forward to is being able to relax in silent peace under the night sky. So when me and my pal headed out to Kennedy Meadows we got exactly that. Typically, when we’re out on location, we tend to walk in separate directions looking to see what we each can find interesting to shoot. The Moon was nice and bright that night, which didn’t drown out to many of the stars, certainly not for enough to ruin any star trails, so at one point I decided to point my camera right into the direction of the moonlight to grab what I felt was an interesting scene. Then I noticed this lone SUV off in the distance, seemingly out for a moonlit night drive. But as I continued looking on, I noticed that this SUV wasn’t running at all. It was just parked there, as silent as I was, not making a single sound or making any moves. I suspect it belonged to someone camping in the area somewhere or one of the folks that live in the small community within the area, but regardless of who owns it or what it was doing there, I thought it added some interest to the scene.