Posing With Relatives

Posing With RelativesLast weekend I met up with my brother at a relatives place. It had been a while since we’ve hung out over there so we figured it would be a good time to hang and chill. It was also his baby boy’s first trip away from home since they brought him home from the hospital, so I wanted to see how he handled it. He he. To commemorate his first adventure outside of home, there was a cake waiting for him. Well, not for him so much, but for everyone else, but really, there’s no bad reason to have a cake around. Am I right? He he. So naturally with any family gathering, regardless of how big or small, a family photo session ensued. So with my niece Zoey, her baby brother, grandmother and aunt, they stood posing next to the dining table so that my brother could snap a photo of them with his phone. And so I decided to get myself a behind the scenes type of shot so I got in next to my brother and focused right on his phone screen. Afterwards, Zoey went back to playing with her cousins. Her baby brother went back to sleep. And everyone resumed eating. Just another day at a family gathering. He he.

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