Mountain trail

Mountain trailAs often as I’m hiking up and down a mountain, I’ve come to enjoy the various trails that lead me to the peaks of several mountains that I’ve been on. Sometimes the trail is long, sometimes short, with a ton of steep switchbacks or a short straight line. But one common thing among them all is that they provide such an interesting scene in no matter which direction a person is hiking in. This particular trail is along the mountainside of Echo Mountain over in Altadena, CA. The hike to the peak isn’t that long, probably only a couple of miles with a lot of narrow switchbacks which makes it feel like it’s a longer way up. But what was so enjoyable about this particular trail was how Mother Nature provided these natural archways created by the foliage growing out of the mountain face. It’s very reminiscent of a scene out of a storybook. Well at least I think so. He he. What is also enjoyable about these natural archways, especially on a hot day, is the shade it can provide depending on where the sun is positioned during the day. It provided a bit of a break from being beat down on by the hot sun and it makes the hike up to the top of Echo Mountain all the more easier. Knowing that there are breaks that can be taken along the way really helps a guy like me carry his camera gear up that trail.

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