Balance of Tokyo

Scott holding my bookOver the past few months I’ve devoted myself to a personal creative project. You see, as much as I love photography and writing, I’ve never settled on any specific projects to take part in. Sure I write on my blog and on social media about the photos I’ve taken and the places I’ve been to, but I haven’t put a concentrated effort into that one specific body of work. No series of photos. No series of writings. Over the years I’ve actually been thinking about what kind of project I would like to get myself involved in. I’ve been wanting to flex my creative muscles much further than I have in the past. So after several discussions with some of my closest friends and creative peers, I settled on putting together a book. But what kind of book? The obvious choice was a photobook. I’ve put in a lot of time and effort into trying to improve my photography skill, so there was no doubt that I wanted to incorporate the photos that I’ve taken over the years. But I didn’t just want to present my images with the typical “I shot this here, these are my settings” information. I decided that if I would work on a book that I would also write. Since I was a kid I have loved to write. I’ve never really thought of it as good or bad, I just simply love to write. So with my mind settling on a photobook which combined my photos with my words, it came down to my subject. And no matter how many great places I’ve been fortunate to visit, I always came back to my home away from home, Tokyo, Japan.

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