A splashing force

A splashing forceSometimes there’s really nothing like relaxing on the beach and watching the ocean waves splashing into the shore rocks with great force. Or maybe that’s just me? He he. When I was last out on Rodeo Beach up in San Francisco, CA, it was a pretty cold day. Not so cold that we had to bundle up, but cold enough to appreciate the clear skies and strong sunlight filling the scene. With the tide coming in I decided to keep my focus on the shore rocks. I’ve always been a fan of how a strong wave crashed into the waves. It’s kind of like watching two Sumo wrestlers slam into each other. Or for you American football fans out there, it’s like watching the offensive line slam into the defensive line. In any case, it’s a strong force slamming into an immovable force. The waves crashed hard and made such great explosive scenes that I spent quite some time photographing the waves. Shooting them as they hit. Seeing if I got what I wanted. And waiting for the next strong wave to hit to see if it would turn out better. This is one of the better ones that I was able to catch that day. And though there were a couple of others that I missed that were a bit better, I still enjoyed this one that I got. When I got this shot I then turned towards the sun to get ready for the sunset. It could be time to get back up to San Francisco for some more shoots on the beaches up there. Because just like the rest of California, they have some incredibly beautiful beaches.