Staying Clean

Processed with VSCOcam with lv01 presetIf any creature knows how to stay clean, it’s a hamster that’s willing to use all four paws.

The other night when I was cleaning out Hammond’s cage I placed him in his play bin. It gives him a nice change of scenery while I’m changing out his bedding and making sure it’s all cleaned properly. When I happened to look up to check on him he was sitting on his wheel and doing what a #hamster does: he was cleaning himself. He was sitting square on his butt and using all four of his paws to scratch and wipe wherever each limb could reach. For getting behind his ears, he likes to what I assume is lick his foot, and use that freshly moistened foot to really wipe down behind his ears. I’ve always thought that he looked pretty cute and funny doing that but I have yet to get clear pics of him doing that. So, armed with the Sony a6000 I managed to catch this moment when he was just sticking his foot into his mouth for a fresh lick. His head had turned to face my camera by coincidence as I was composing a shot. So I immediately clicked my shutter button when I saw this expression on his face.

After cleaning himself, which seems to be taking longer and longer the older he gets, he had a snack while sitting in my hand just before I placed him back in his home. In which he proceeded to take yet another nap. 😉

I transferred this shot to my phone via the wifi feature and used Snapseed and vscocam to process the image for sharing here today.