Pointing the Way

Pointing the WayAfter a day and night of hanging out in the Easter Sierra Nevada with my pal Scott Sugawara, We decided to make a stop over at Red Rock Canyon State Park here in California. We had already gotten some shots of the starry sky further North, but the weather was good and the night was still young enough to make another brief stop. The wind was blowing very strong as it had been for most of the night. There were moments when it was a calm for a minute or so, but once it kicked up again, it didn’t let up for long stretches. After a few shot attempts at composing the face of the Red Rock along with the Milky Way up above, we noticed that our cameras were also picking up all of the dust that was flying around in the air. And it made the dust even more visible whenever we tried to light paint the foreground. So that’s when Scott came up with the idea to shine his flashlight into the air so that the dust would make the beam of light more distinct and visible in a photograph. So Scott set up his camera, and I set mine up next to his. After our settings were locked in, Scott walked out in front of the cameras and shone his flashlight directly into the sky. Both cameras went off for a long exposure (mine being 25 seconds long) and I light painted the foreground just a bit with my own light. Scott did a great job of remaining as still as possible throughout the duration of the exposures on both cameras and when we saw how the light reached all the way up to the Milky Way, we both called it a night, packed up our gear and headed back home.

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