Carpool violation

Carpool violationAs I’ve stated in posts in the past, this little overpass above the 134 Freeway in Eagle Rock, CA is by far one of my favorites to go to when it comes to some light streak shooting. During the right conditions the valley around the freeway can be quite the scene. I’ve shot HDR’s, single long exposures, sunset, blue hour, night, I simply just love it at this location. And though I’ve shot from there often, I wanted to get some shots in with the Sony A7R. For this frame, I decided to go with the portrait orientation again, but this time I decided to get the Carpool Violation sign into the frame. I’ve never known anyone to be so dumb as to ride in the carpool lane while driving solo, but I must say that a fine of $341 minimum is stiff enough to deter most people. I say “most” because let’s face it, there are some nuts out there that’ll zip through that lane anyways. The sky wasn’t all that great, but the colors from the city lights were quite interesting. And with a little cross processing, I really enjoyed how this one turned out. I also thought this would be an appropriate post to start yet another month. Time is flying by faster and faster each year. It’s becoming more of an effort to slow down or just plain stop, to relax and enjoy all that life has to offer.

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