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Ride This WaySince I’ve been on my bike consistently this year, I tend to notice lots of things related to cycling. Other cyclists, random bike shops that I had never noticed before, and of course, bike lanes and routes. I don’t even have to be on a bike, I could just be walking around town and I’ll come across bike lanes where I didn’t realize there was any. And a lot of the time, the bike lanes look pretty cool as it leads off into the distance down or up a road, or in this case, up the curve of a road. This is one of the bicycle lanes that I knew about, because being on a main street it’s hard to miss, so when I was taking a walk in the area, I made sure to bring my Sony a6000 with me to get a shot of this road with the 20mm f/2.8 lens. One part about the paint on the ground that drew me to it was the odd looking helmet that was painted on the head of this cyclist. A lot of the bike route and lane signs around Glendale tend to have just a stencil of a bicycle on the ground. But there are a few that have this particular cyclist. His helmet looks to be something that a soldier would have word during World War I. Very old school, but I suppose it’s good that it’s big enough to protect the whole of his head. He he. In any event, it’s great to see more and more of these lanes and routes opening up not just in Glendale, but all around Los Angeles County. There’s a lot of folks that love to ride their bikes, whether they be avid road cyclists, commuters or folks just going on a casual cruise. So having designated areas to ride is a big help for safety.

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