Dave shoots Hollywood

Dave shoots Capitol RecordsNot too long ago, my good pal +Dave Powell of ShootTokyo was in town for a few days. It had been almost a couple of years since we were last able to meetup and it was certainly the first time meeting on my side of the Pacific Ocean, so I was glad that we both managed to find a day to get together and explore some of the city. So after work, I swung by the Santa Monica where he was staying to pick him up and hit the road. We first stopped by the Leica store in West Hollywood, which I must say is an absolutely beautiful store. Simple, yet classy. Being at that store with Dave, a long time Leica shooter was almost enough to make a guy sell a car and all other equipment for a Leica. Luckily, before any wallets came out, we got hungry and decided to head over to Hollywood Blvd. to see what we could shoot and eat. After grabbing some L.A. style Japanese food, which didn’t amount to much, we walked up and down the Hollywood Walk of Fame. 

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