Bubbles of wonder

Bubbles of wonderA short time ago I paid a visit to my brother and his family for a little get together in Long Beach, CA. I showed up a bit early, which is usually the case with me, so I was able to play with my goddaughter Zoey before the other guests started making their way to the gathering spot. While her parents and aunt were setting up for the festivities they turned on the bubble machine so that she could play. I’ve spoken before about how fascinating bubbles are and how most any kid I’ve seen becomes truly enchanted by floating bubbles (Chasing bubbles), so when the bubble machine was turned on this time, I took out my Sony a6000 to see if I could catch some more moments of Zoey dancing with the bubbles. As usual, she jumped around, swatting, kicking, and headbutting any bubble that she could get to before drifting away in the wind, so it made for a good test for the focus tracking of the camera. But at this particular moment, she took a break and simply watched as the bubbles floated by in front of her. When I saw this shot on the back of the LCD of the camera I was instantly in love with it. Not because it’s some technically perfect piece of art, because it’s not I don’t think. Though I never think any of my shots are anywhere near perfect. Not because of how impressive the camera tracked Zoey’s cute little face. But because of the moment itself. The expression on her face was reminiscent of a child watching Santa Clause or Cinderella walk by. Just pure fascination and wonder.

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