A Night With The Angels

A Night With The AngelsWith the start of another month, we’re all another day closer to some cooler temperatures. The Fall Solstice is just around the corner and it couldn’t be coming any sooner because it has been a weird and hot Summer. It’s been weird because it felt like we had a late start to the heat here in my part of the world. That and there have been weeks peppered throughout the season that were simply cold. Refreshing, but weird nonetheless. The weather is definitely changing up with each year, so who knows, maybe next year it’ll be extremely hot for much more of the year. But let’s hope not. He he. Anyways, I bring this up because with some cooler weather just a few weeks away, it’l be nice to enjoy some cool, Fall weather while out on location. That, and nightfall will start coming at earlier times, which is pretty advantageous when it comes to hanging around in the desert and waiting for some stars to photograph. Of course, I like the daylight lasting deep into the evening, but as a photographer I’m going to be able to get some star shots earlier in the night, which in turn will get me home much sooner than I would in the Summer. And that’s not just an advantage for seeing the stars, but it’s also going to be a great advantage for seeing the City of Angels light up.

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