The highest reach

The highest reachWhenever I post about the Angeles National Forest, my focus is always on the epic mountains and the landscape that leads either to a great sunset or up to a starry sky. This time I thought I’d let some of the trees get some of the spotlight. After all, it is a forest! He he. During one of my visits up there, as you can see in this photo there was plenty of snow, but the temperature wasn’t that bad considering that it was a fairly warm day in the lower elevations. That’s what’s awesome about California, from the beaches to the snow in a matter of minutes depending on the traffic. And while I was looking around deciding what I might shoot for the sunset and enjoying crunching through the snow, I came upon this tree. Now, I know it’s far from the tallest of trees, but at the exact spot where I was, from my point of view, it was definitely the tallest within my view. I loved how it was standing tall, proud and reaching up to the sky at is highest tip. That or it was reaching up for some warm sunlight before nightfall. In any case I really loved how it looked there, with a mountain behind it and with the area surrounded by snow, so I took this shot of it.

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