Lonely office

Lonely officeA while back when I was taking a night stroll around the neighborhood with my sister, we happened to walk by this Leeds Mattress store. It was, as you can probably tell by this image, shut down completely. I think they chose to relocate somewhere else and had emptied out the building before the end of the year. All except for a couple of office plants and one, lonely office desk. This might sound odd, but seeing this desk had me thinking about the mundane everyday existence of working the same boring job. Sitting at a desk and staring at a computer screen all day long. Granted my job leans more towards the stress free side of things but still, it’s tedious and monotonous and any word that you can think of to describe boring. Looking at this desk through the store window had me thinking about trying to change the direction of my career. Possibly changing careers completely. And while I haven’t made any solid moves yet, I’ve promised myself that I’d start to make some moves soon. Well, hopefully soon. And hopefully not too much later. Hopefully I’ll have found myself in a situation that has me doing what truly makes me happy. Not that I’m unhappy, but I figure if I find something boring, then it’s an indication that I’m not meant to continue on with it for the duration of my life. Well, time will tell. And as the year draws closer to the end, my vision and direction is becoming a little bit clearer.