HissingNot too long ago I paid my younger brother a visit in Anaheim. Because of the conflicting work schedules and the fact that he lives in Orange County, meaning that the drive is a pain in either direction, we haven’t been able to hang quite as often as in the past. Since the last time I was at his house, him and his wife have recently taken in a 15 year old cat named Baboy, which in Tagalog means “pig”. This cat belonged to the brother of his wife and due to certain circumstances they couldn’t take care of this girl anymore. So naturally they volunteered to take her in and give her a good home. Knowing that they had a cat in the house now, I of course brought my camera with me for the chance to take some cat photos. I’ve only managed to take photos of street cats in Japan, so having the opportunity to have a shoot with a domesticated cat was too good a chance to pass up. Baboy is actually a very obedient and well behaved cat. Being on the older side her movements are slow and methodical. This actually made it pretty easy to get some shots of her walking around. But this is by far my favorite shot of the night. Me and my brother were headed to the downstairs area and he said that if I call out to her, she’ll come down. Knowing how slow she moved I decided to do just that and call out to her. When she came around the corner she stood there looking at me, probably wondering if I had food to offer up, then she suddenly yawned. It was at that moment that I snapped this shot.

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