Barbed in the sun

Barbed in the sunDuring a day hanging around in Lone Pine, CA to wait for the sunset, I noticed some golden fields on the edge of a golf course. They looked great so I decided to grab some shots of it. As I got closer to the field I noticed this wooden fence with some barbed wire running across the top and along the sides of the fence I instantly felt compelled to grab a shot of some of the barbed wire and wooden fence. I always find the little twists and knots of a barbed fence to be quite interesting, especially when it’s running across something that serves as a good contrast to it. While trying to compose this image, I noticed that the sun had started to dip enough so that more of it was fitting into my frame. So I waited a few minutes and got down low and close to the fence. I also kept my aperture at about f/8 to give me a nice and clean sunburst. I was happy to see that I was able to get everything I wanted for this shot. The fence, the barbed wire, the golden fields with the sun and mountains in the background. Shots like this always serve as a reminder to me of how much fun photography is, with looking for the small things that are just as interesting as the most epic landscapes.