Desert waves

Desert wavesWith temperatures high and hot these days I thought I’d share a photo from the hottest place on Earth. Death Valley National Park here in California. Needless to say it’s also one of my favorite places to drive to and more so than that my favorite place to visit within the park borders are the Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes. Star Wars history aside it’s just by far one of the most beautiful areas in Death Valley. Seemingly endless dunes surrounded by mountains and sky is quite a masterpiece if I do say so myself. And though I’ve managed to catch a few dunes untouched by footprints, I still have yet to experience a truly, free of human footprints, sand dune. Even in this shot you can see some footprints in the distance. I’m already itching for some cooler weather because once it gets cool enough I think it’ll be time to make another drive out to these sand dunes. Maybe the morning after a windy night will be good so that Death Valley can wipe away any footprints throughout the night and leave it clean for me in the morning. That sounds like the plan to go with if I want to get some beautifully clean waves to enjoy and photograph.