Rooting for the end

Rooting for the endOne thing that I try to do is to look for an interesting foreground subject to compliment a wide and scenic background. It’s something that most photographers try to do to add some kind of depth and interest to their images, and it’s something I’ve learned from many of my peers throughout the past several years. But sometimes what I find interesting may not be as appealing to other landscape photographers. This scene is an example of that. What I had in front of me in Olancha, CA was as incredible a sunset as ever. But all I had in front of me in all directions was dry, barren desert. Not much foliage except for a few of these bushes. In fact, I’ve posted a couple of shots already with these bushes and the great clouds that hovered in the distance. But this time my eye was drawn to this particular bush. Someone or some animal went to the trouble of rooting this bush out of the sand and ended up just leaving it there to suffer an end of drying up. I hadn’t seen any other bushes rooted out of the ground so this one really seemed unique to me. Also, with a little more than half of this bush already dried up, it provided yet another color that seemed to compliment the rest of the scene rather interestingly. So I lined it up for my foreground as best I could with the way the clouds were shaping up, and took this shot.

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