Hanzomon Line 1 2 3

Hanzomon Line 1 2 3At this point in my photoblogging life, there’s probably no need for me to say how much I love Japan. And even more so that there’s no shortage of interesting subjects to shoot such as the never ending underground hallways and tunnels of the Tokyo Metro system. The hallways, as with the city as a whole, is kept fairly clean and almost spotless so whenever I can get an empty, or in this case close to empty hallway, I can’t seem to resist taking a shot. In this case me and my dear friend +Yumi Shoji where walking around deciding which way to head for a good place to eat. We decided to head back to the Hanzomon area which is where I was staying at the time. That way we can make a last second decision to get off in Shibuya or someplace along the way, or if all else failed there was a choice little spot we were itching to try out near the hotel. And of course, we were shooting along the way. I just loved the symmetrical appearance of this hallway. Though it might not look it because of how the yellow strip is a little off to one side. And the reflections on the ceiling, though small, really popped to me. I originally shot a bracketed set but decided that this single frame was good enough to get all that I wanted into the shot during post processing.

This shot was actually wasn’t from my latest trip as I haven’t quite sorted through my RAW files yet. But stay tuned because I’ll have a bunch to share as I get them sorted out.