Path to Griffith Park

Path to Griffith ParkEarly one morning I decided to head out for a morning ride. I didn’t quite make it for sunrise but I was out and on my bike before the morning rush began. The cool morning breeze was of course refreshing but the heat of the Summer sun was already heating things up so I headed for the L.A. River path to enjoy a nice, peaceful ride and a bit more of the cool breeze as there always seems to be a breeze going alongside the river. I also decided to tuck my Sony a6000 into my jersey pocket. It had the 20mm pancake lens attached so it made it just the right size and together it’s pretty lightweight so it didn’t tug on the back of my jersey much. When I got to one end of the bike path I decided to take a break and take the camera out. After all, why bring it if not I wouldn’t be using it. That’s when I realized I didn’t take into account the bit of sweat getting onto a portion of the camera. Not much at all, but enough to know that I should probably wrap it in a ziplock bag next time. Especially with the weather getting hot and the sweat coming pretty easily. I took this shot of the path leading back to Griffith Park, tucked the camera back into my pocket and continued the ride back to Griffith. Overall the ride was good and with the a6000 proving to be tiny enough for the ride you can bet it’ll be with me more often when I’m out on my bike.

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