Tracking through

Tracking throughThere’s something about a train track leading through some kind of tunnel that I really enjoy. Concrete tunnels or natural tunnels made of foliage like this at Descanso Gardens over in La Canada Flintridge, CA. I didn’t stick around long enough to see the train that went with this track, but I just enjoyed the simple curving lines as it went off into a natural scene. I suppose I just enjoy the thought of taking a ride off into something so peaceful and serene. Or perhaps these lines continue tracking their way off into some adventure in a storybook field somewhere. At least that’s what my imagination tends to think of when I come across scenes like this. I’ve actually been planning to get back out there for another shoot and possibly take an actual ride on whatever train rolls along these tracks. But until then I’ll be happy to let my imagination think of the possible scenery that can be seen along this rail.

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