Mickey balloons

Mickey balloons

Disneyland really is one of the greatest places to visit. It’s so much fun with rides for all ages, various types of restaurants to satisfy any taste buds, and as a photographer, there’s an endless amount of subjects to shoot. One example of that is this vendor holding a bunch of Mickey Mouse balloons. I already liked how the cluster of balloons looked with all of its color, but with the trees above and the signs of the Plaza Inn behind it, I simply had to shoot it. Some kids were coming up to buy some balloons, so with the vendor starting to make his way towards them, I kept my shutter quick and got this shot. If I ever get the chance, I’d love to dedicate the entire day there to just shooting looking to capture more of the magic. πŸ˜‰

Instagram Web profiles!!

This week the good fellas at Instagram announced that they would launch web profiles for each user of their service. It’s a nice simple interface which arranges the cover photo quite nicely. It kind of resembles a Facebook cover photo (surprise, surprise, he he) but with one pretty cool difference. The random photos chosen act as a slideshow, so it’s constantly changing like a beautiful digital frame of mobile photos.

As you can see from this screen shot of my profile, it really is a simple interface. A real basic profile page for my Instagram account.

Below the cover and profile photo and basic info, the photos are arranged much like they are in the Instagram smartphone app. A simple gallery arranged in chronological order starting with the latest and greatest mobile photo. I don’t see myself doing much with this profile other than what’s already there, but the one thing I really do like about this is the fact that I’ll be able to browse the Instagram photos of my friends and other photographers that I follow. The app is great but this makes it really easy to check out their shots in a bigger size. Which of course they already did if you had the link to a particular photo, but being able to browser through their entire collection is a welcome addition to the service and something I’ll be playing with in the coming weeks. Especially since I’m constantly sitting in front of my computer as it is (sigh, the woes of photo processing, he he he).

Anyways, if you have an account and haven’t checked out your web profile yet, just follow the address Instagram.com/yourname (of course replacing your name with your actual user name) and check it out. If you don’t see your profile up yet, don’t worry, everybody should have them by the end of the week. And hey, if you don’t have an account, you should check it out anyways. It’s a free service so what is there to lose?

As for me, you can see my Instagram photos at Instagram.com/themarke. Enjoy! πŸ˜‰

  • onihei

    Ah these balloons caught my eye too! So cute;)))) I really wanted to get one! I will have to come back there soon!

    • http://www.themarkeworld.com/ Mark Esguerra

      He he, I knew you’d like this one because I remember how big your smile was when we saw these! That’s cute! When you come back I’ll buy you all that this guy has to sell! πŸ˜‰