優しい笑顔 - A friendly smile
Watching their backs
秋富士吉田市 - Fujiyoshida in the Fall
Opening up to nature
On the ground
インターナショナルアーケード路地 - International Arcade alley
Having a seat
Looking up from the ground
Just two
日付の夜 - Date night
High above The Times
To a sun touched center
Away from traffic
忠霊塔と夜 - A night with the Chureito Pagoda
Chasing bubbles
Light in the distance
成長の流れ - Flow of growth
The road to a peak
ほぼ準備ができて - Almost ready
Jump ball
So close
As I looked up
Walking between the lines
小さな自然を楽しむ - Enjoying the small things
A simple day
Angels in the distance
Danbo's new toy
Living with the clouds
家から遠く離れた - Far from home
Gone Hollywood
High and above
Pregame at Staples Center
たんじゅん - Simplicity
Relaxing while floating
縁に立ち - Standing on the edge
Surrounding the light
Riding a Pony
新宿のスカイライン - Shinjuku skyline remix
Eager to shine
Colorado Street Bridge pano
スカイツリーに東京タワー - Tokyo Tower to the Sky Tree
Layers of peaks
Back into the unknown
Eager to start the day
Almost missed
根津神社鳥居 - Nezu torii
On a roll
有益なパス - An informative path
Ready for liftoff
Never give up
色の道 - Road of color
Two ways to go
Just like popcorn
All in a row
あり、必要に応じて - There if needed
The heart of an Angel
Path away from the sun
武士とコア - The Samurai and the Core
Flying like a bird
下に - From underneath
The one and only
A warm look above
を通って、下に - Through and below
Under the light
新宿高層ビルへ - To Shinjuku Skyscapers
Riding under
氷川神社にあるきます - Walking to Hikawa Shrine
Valley of homes
New day, same Observatory
Looking back
Shooting and walking
おみくじ - O-mikuji
Reflections of home
Pointing to a happy future
ダイバーシティーのガーディアン - Guardian of DiverCity
Stairway to heaven redux
かつくら - Katsukura
Mickey hanging out
光のカーブ - Lighted curve
Stepping into the spotlight
The Americana from up high
見やすい - Easily seen
Observing Downtown
いろにてをさしのべる - Reaching for color
Bathing in warmth
有楽町と新橋 - Yūrakuchō and Shimbashi
忠霊塔でのサンセット - Sunset at Chureito Pagoda
Driving away
Hanging low
Seeing things in a whole new light
鎌倉大仏 - Kamakura Daibutsu
Lined up for sunset
Playfully lazy
Holding it all together
Wonder Zoey
Choosing a way
Twinkling and shining
はしら - Support
Bridge to somewhere
タグれきし - Tagged history
The coast is clear
Just down the road
Deserted kingdom
Reaching light
あい - LOVE
From where the voices sing
During the day
繭によるパス - Path by the cocoon
Lonely office
Seeing double
Path to red, white and blue
母と子 - Mother and Daughter
Lazy Monday
Beyond the exit
ぼっとう - Preoccupied
In the heart of the storm
Speeding home
Shocked witness
Standing and staring
Plenty of seats and ads
Welcoming the unknown
From my window
Wall of shapes and shadows
微妙な始まり - Subtle beginnings
Wilson and Brand
Venting to the clouds
As the clouds parted
Into the void
Strolling by the South Gate
Rolling out the red carpet
Rubber Duck LA
Colorado Street Bridge sunset
75 years and counting
Underneath a long track
Carefree and serious
The two faces of Mikey
South to Downtown
The fisherman during sunset
Nature of L.A.
日没への架け橋 - The bridge to sunset
A slice of nature
On alert!
Heart of music
エンドレスライト - Endless lights
Shedding some light on things
My path was clear
Photo shoot with Jaina Solo
Lone church goer
葛西臨海公園 - Kasai Rinkai Park
Window smile
Photo shoot with Menma the Nendoroid
Distant Viewing
Cocoon reflection
A Hollywood ending
せんでん - Advertising
本厚木 - Local Hon-Atsugi
A hidden piece of nature
Back into the hole
Wonder 26
Fishing for gold
Qatar in One Direction
Dave shoots Hollywood
Playa of stars
葛西JCTブルー - Kasai JCT blues
Nestle to Hilton
彼女の眠っているくま - With her sleeping bear
あかちゃんの最初フォトウォーク - Baby's first photowalk
Leaving before the rain
Above a dream
Good morning DTLA
Just one path to follow
最後のジャンクション - One last junction
Something special awaits
Three Little Fruit Pigs
Rob caught in the act
菅原神社サイン - Sugawara Shrine sign
Water tower in the clouds
Nathan smiles
Follow the leader
Sweet reflections
Rosy sky
Cart parking
Swaying with the wind
Hand in hand
Downtown blues
Little spy
Finding some sun
月と桜 - The Moon and the Sakura
Game face
品川プリンスホテル - Shinagawa Prince Hotel
Break from the storm
Waiting for the speed of light
Something worth remembering
花びらの川 - River of petals
Posing at Union Station
From Glendale to L.A.
田町ブルー - Tamachi blue
今羽 - Konba Station
Astronomers shine
Hammond hiding out
Poppy filled sunset
Dreams of flight
A break from the cold in Shimokitazawa
A cold walk in Shimokitazawa
A revealing sunrise
Following footsteps
A touch of color
Nakameguro fubuki
Pick a window
Above it all
Basking in the warmth
One with the sun
Sun down the middle
Road to the light
Another day, another daydream
Mikey jumping for joy
I knew who to call
A small thing
The brightest star remix
Hanzomon Line 1 2 3
Zoey enjoying the Spring
Drops on a leaf
Clouds above Griffith
The shine from above
Stair No. 2
Jesus was here
Where it all comes together
Standing for Spring
Prospect Road
The Cary Grant Theatre
Source of light
Sakura of Nakameguro
Rocky path to a warm dream
Salton sunset
Culver flowers
The lighted street
Path to the moon
By the sea
In the end there was still tennis
Reaching for the heavens
Between Capra and Burns
As the day ended
As the lights turn on
Pot of color
River crossing
怠惰なねこ - Lazy cat
From within
Arthur J. Will Memorial Fountain
Bracing for impact
Watching time fly by
Flow by the bridge
Toy street
Cycling and shooting
Flying to the sunset
Valley of thorns
大宮でショッピング - Shopping in Omiya
Adik di L.A.
Noodle Time
Sun on the rocks
They call him Preston
In the palm of my hand
Entering the castle
Bushes and stars
Another Venetian hallway
Rain on Geneva
Zipping through Downtown
The Loews blues
Kitty super yawn
Washed ashore
What was once under the stars
LA River of Long Beach
Time for The Americana
Walking to the rainbow
Pacific Park
Eye of KITTE
Fenced in
All lines lead home
El Loco, Which Wich and the Sony A7R
iPhone and bokeh
Dreams higher than skyscrapers
Burst over the cracks
Sweeper on standby
Standing for sunset
A photographer and her model
Stuck at Ebisu Station
Holding up the Gold Standard
Hula in the backseat
Innocent shrug
Riding alone
Universal clouds
Never a missed opportunity
Hanging with Mrs and Mr Sarcol
Rani and Lily at the Capra Building
Kirin Mickey and Minnie
The right path to a new day
South Coast streaks and palm trees
Hammond on a lazy Sunday
No dogs allowed on the Playa
Crossing by Shibuya 109
Nomer satu fan
Here comes Santa
Gathered under the tree
A night that couldn't be ruined
Night camel
Fountains and snowflakes
It's Time
Don't let it fade
Mobile Suit Gundam
Newport Beach Pier remix
Meet Hammond!
Eyes on LA
The stars of Rhyolite
Wishing I could leap this building in a single bound
Growing in a field
Two hours with Takahiro
Power lines at sunset
Another sunset in the hills
He that slithered in the night
Five past midnight
Thinking about heart and a Turkey dinner
No Ideas
In front of Scotch Grain
Reaching the path
Weathered but not weakened
Yumi's Forum and a Happy Birthday!
A cut through the valley
A road worth observing
Half a tray
Together as they fell
Intense focus
Forum of Information
My Town pano
Observing L.A.
The Serpent and the Stars
Good Morning, Mr. Deeds
Fragments of reality
Where Magic sleeps
Legend has it that dragons like burgers too
Hello, old friend
Pumpkins in the sky
Everyone is in orbit around their own world
Rain, Rain, Go Away
Lower Deck Loading Only
Racing to the light
My one true love
To and From
A thing that's more important
The lonely path home
To the Gateway Center
Mouth to the sea
Skull and Bones
Tokyo starfish
Valley beyond the fence
There Is Hope
35th Anniversary Sunshine City
Forward bloom
Taking in a movie
Where the heart is
Some dreams will never end
Forward and Backward
Saying goodbye
Mikey takes a bite!
Glendale crowd
Headed to Union Station
文京日没 - Bunkyo sunset
The Tokyo skyline shot with an iPhone
I tried to follow the sun
All signs point to Adventure
Alone in the crowd
タクシーライト - Taxi lights
Steps to El Capitan
The cold sunrise
So far from the light
Jerry gets his shot
Drawing on the sand
To the Cheesecake Factory
The humble little shrine
Places to go with no way to get there
Distant reflection
The warmth of home
Curve of the sun
Peekaboo, I see you!
She never lost sight of me
You might need a spare to reach the end
Cloudy Crossing
Sometimes all you need is right outside your window
Suicide Bridge pano
Ticket required beyond this point
Home with a view
The world is round
Just like the others
大宮へようこそ! - Welcome to Ōmiya!
Greeting their guests
Some friendships never end
From bushes to mountains
Ready to ride
汐留シティセンター - Shiodome City Center
Another Griffith sunset
Life behind bars
慰靈塔 - Soul Consoling Tower
Leaving The Cat Town
Zoey looks on
Filling with color
Cruising with toys
Unfortunately, I have to go
Fields and mountains
Dawn by the pier remix
のらねこ - Alley cat
What makes me wish I could fly
Portrait of a cutie
Rainbow in the storm
Look with your heart
Just a pigeon
Spotting the sun
Mirrorless walk with Takahiro and Maki
Staring through the window
At the end of the aisle
To and from Ōmiya Station
Lavender skies
Leo Carillo splash
Processing on the go with an iPad
Marilyn the Ram
Driving by a concert
Oh My Stars and Garters
I don't care about forever
The Great Boiling Valley
Graffiti, Thomas, sunset
Path to the unknown
First gold
Evening walk in Shimokitazawa and お誕生日おめでとう to my pal Takahiro!
Big wheel
Alone on the hill
Walking in the rotunda
Let us pray
Splashing through the sunset
Happy dust
Palm tree fireworks
Flooded keyhole
What dreams may come
Down to Two
Bridge to Hikawa Shrine
What waits at the top
Trains of Salt Lake City
Dreaming of Kawah Putih
Marunouchi South Gate
Reflection of City Hall
Melt with you
California Adventure waterfall
Going to and from the sunset
Let's meet in the middle
Looking from top to bottom
If the wind still blows
Manly layers
Please, no pictures
There's always room to smile
Up through the cocoon
A distant memory
Catching some air
Empty sermon
Lounging in the lobby
She feels his eyes
To Yurikamome
Trying to reach me
A fairy tale waltz
Enter the Capra Building
DTLA rings
Facing the Madeleine
Straight to friendship
Blue hour at Zōjō-ji Temple
City of Angels and lights
She showed me the way home
What's hidden within
Temple at blue hour
A dip in the trails
Grand Arc Hanzomon
The art of Hollywood Blvd.
Community on the hill
Mount Fuji sunset