A before and after look at Bridge to Enoshima

Since my Bridge to Enoshima post from a few days ago is a re-processed shot I thought I’d give you a look at how this shot originally looked in comparison to how it looks now. This was a single RAW exposure processed as an HDR photograph to help bring this photo to life and make it pop. Here, take a look:

Before Bridge to EnoshimaAfter Bridge to Enoshima

For those that are familiar with HDR (High Dynammic Range) photography, you know that it normally consists of a set of bracketed exposures, and merged together using post processing software. Each of those shots exposes a different portion of the scene. But often times I’ve found while practicing and shooting HDR, is that a single exposure can bring out the details of a scene because of how much light information is retained in a RAW file exposure. Like this shot.

I took the single RAW exposure and ran it through Photomatix to get my tonemapped image. I then went through my typical workflow. I brought the tonemapped image into Photoshop and used the Topaz Adjust plugin to make the colors and details pop, then I did some basic adjustments to tone, contrast and color and finished it up by sharpening the image and cleaning the noise with the Noiseware plugin.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the comparison of this single RAW HDR shot, and I hope you give it a try on your next shoot.

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