A Manly bench

A Manly bench

Upon arriving in Death Valley earlier this month, and knowing that I probably wouldn’t run into any of the pals that were already running around the valley until nightfall, I decided to stop by good ol’ Zabriskie Point. I fell in love with the view from up there during my first trip back in 2011, so I had already made it a point to stop by and see this spot again. When I arrived to Death Valley, the clouds were quite hazy and bland up above to the point I thought it might rain, so I figured it was a good time to hang around to see if the clouds break up. Pulling into the parking lot I found a ton of tourists in the area, completely combing every inch of Zabriskie so I decided to just take some test shots as a way to see what worked for me and to make it easier to come back later in the event I didn’t have anyone to hang with later. So while walking around, I noticed that the view of Manly Beacon right from this bench was untouched by anybody. What I mean is that of all the people that were there, none of them had bothered to stop at this particular spot at this particular moment. So I figured I could get a decent shot here. Because of the endlessly amazing shots that have been taken of Manly Beacon by countless others, I decided to try for something just a bit different and keep the bench in the shot. I felt it gave me a nice starting point to take the eye up in the frame through the different layers that were presented to me.

After snapping this, a couple walked in front of me and decided to take pictures of each other sitting on the bench. I’m glad I got this shot before they walked into frame. He he.

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