A rocky dream

A rocky dream

One of the most memorable places I’ve ever seen was Death Valley, and when I visited the area for the first time last year, it was like a dream. Never before had I seen such an epic landscape like that. My first shoot at Death Valley was with a bunch of new pals up at Aguereberry Point. It gave us a great view of the entire scene in all directions and with the sun going down it lit up the entire view with some of the most amazing pink and blue colors that I’ve ever seen. It’s always been one year since I’ve been there but my memories of my weekend there are still fresh on my mind. I continue to go back into my archives to see what I haven’t processed yet from there, and with as many shots as I took from there, I don’t know if there’ll be any end to how many photos I’ll end up with. But that’s okay, because each shot I process always leaves me smiling.

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