The foundation

The foundation

During my last drive on Death Valley Road, I noticed these pile of rocks as I drove past them. At first I kept on driving, but after a few yards I immediately pulled over, made a u-turn and went back to shoot them. And I’m glad I did because I was able to see why it attracted my initial glance. These pile of rocks were stacked to resemble the mountains that stood behind them. Or at least that’s what I think. It’s as if they were stacked in order to build the foundation for the next mountain to grow in the area. I know it doesn’t quite work that way, but it’s a fun though I had. So I took my shots and enjoyed the scene before continuing my journey to Death Valley.


  1. William Oertel says

    Many of these rock piles, generally small, are placed aside trails to be followed. They’re called cairns and they give you an indication that you’re going on some sort of correct path. Especially relevant as desert trails have a tendency to split off and go in many directions. To see The One Cairn to Rule Them All, you’ll have to go on The Mojave Trail, passing through a semi-dry salt lake bed. Can’t miss it.

    • says

      That’s quite interesting @google-ed47efddae027dab94dd3d493896ceac:disqus! I didn’t realize that they pointed travelers in any particular direction. Thank you for stopping by and sharing that info. I’m glad to know it now. And I’ll definitely have to visit that Mojave Trail one of these days!

      • William Oertel says

        Mojave Trail is great. It’s a 3-day journey, starting at the Nevada border. I’ve done it a couple times and the solitude is pretty remarkable. Just imagine not seeing anyone (except your traveling group) for that amount of time…

        I like your photos, especially the ones from Japan. I’ve travelled there quite a bit, going back again this year. We actually were at the same Photowalk once – the one in Pasadena a couple years ago, when it was super-windy…

        • says

          The solitude sounds pretty awesome actually @google-ed47efddae027dab94dd3d493896ceac:disqus! It’s nice to be able to get away from the big city noise once in a while and enjoy nature. I’ll definitely have to make plans for the Mojave Trail.

          Japan is great isn’t it? I appreciate the kind words about those photos from somebody that’s been there. I’m there every year myself. And hey, that was one wild night, wasn’t it? We’ll have to try and meet up again during another L.A. photowalk soon! 😉

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