The road to Bishop

The road to Bishop

While up in Bishop I decided to go out to Bishop Creek Canyon to shoot some of the Fall colors with the night sky and the sunrise. Once the sun was up and my stomach started demanding food, I decided to start making my way back into town for a quick bite to eat before hitting the road back home. Once I got onto the straightaway that led right back into Bishop, this view had be instantly pulling over for a shot. With no cars around me I was able to stand out in the middle of the road to take my shot of the view. While taking my shots I noticed the one lone car making his way towards me. It looked really cool to me, seeing one car driving out of the green area and the mountains watching over everything in the background, so I decided to keep the lone traveler in the shot.

It was a great place to see and I can’t wait for the chance to get back to the area!

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