The coming storm

The coming storm

This past weekend those of us in the Los Angeles area have been treated to some truly epic clouds. And of course, that includes good ol’ Glendale! On my way home from work I could see that the clouds above the Verdugo Mountains were a lot darker than they were in other parts of the county, so with my Olympus OM-D E-M5 in tow, I decided to head straight towards a go to spot of mine, Glendale College. More specifically, the student parking structure. I only ever go to this spot whenever I feel like I need to get to an elevated point of view as quickly as possible and the same was true for this day. The winds were blowing strong and pushing the clouds over the area so I wanted to grab some shots before I lost my chance. So when I finally got to my spot, I decided to go for this shot right off the bat. A little of dark and light cloud action looming above the mountains. It was a great scene and also another good test to see how my little Olympus would do with a handheld HDR shot.

  • Guest

    Well spotted, and you captured it well, very nice composition.

    • Mark Esguerra

      Thank you Tony! I appreciate it!