Hollywod Bowl Overlook

Hollywood Bowl Overlook pano

Earlier this week, with some epic storm clouds in the sky I decided to take a drive to Mulholland Drive to see if I could find a good view of the landscape. The rush hour was just about to hit so with a bunch of cars starting to fill the road I decided to pull into the Hollywood Bowl Overlook. It’s a scenic view overlooking the Hollywood Bowl and leading to Hollywood Blvd., then Downtown Los Angeles. I was getting ready to settle in and wait for nightfall to get some long exposures in, but unfortunately it seemed like every single tour group that was in town decided to stop by this very same location and totally pack the area. I managed to find a small trail that led closer towards the Hollywood Bowl, but the wind was blowing much more fierce in that spot. It was cold too! So I decided to head back up to where there wasn’t as strong a wind and just save this location for a shoot during another time. But before leaving I decided to take a panoramic shot of the area.

If you’d like to see a bigger version of this shot, you can click on the image to view it in my SmugMug portfolio. From there you’ll be able to pick larger sizes for your viewing enjoyment. 😉