Dreams higher than skyscrapers

Dreams higher than skyscrappersYesterday I briefly mentioned that I’ve been missing the clouds so I thought I would share a shot of some clouds that I enjoyed in my home away from home, Tokyo, Japan. I was bumming around the Marunouchi district and decided to head up to a rooftop garden at the KITTE building right across from Tokyo Station. My goal was to get a nice overhead shot of the station, but when I got to the garden and looked up, I thought the skyscrapers leading up to the cloudy sky would look very interesting through the fish-eye lens. So I pointed up and took my shot. It looked like the dreams of the world were spread out high above the skyscrapers of the city, yet it was hanging around within reach. It’s a moment like this that has me just staring up until my neck starts to hurt. I simply love a scene like this and I especially love that my beloved Japan provided that scene for me. This garden is going to be on my list of stops for my next visit to Tokyo because even if the sky is clear, the atmosphere in that garden area was very relaxed. I just want to take a seat there and relax. Maybe have myself a steam bun while I’m enjoying some nice rooftop air. 😉

  • Onihei

    This is another place I miss when we hung out! Yeah the view from there on that day was so lovely and I love the open space and atmosphere! Count me in when you have yourself a steam bum there next time? :)

    • http://www.themarkeworld.com Mark Esguerra

      Thanks so much! I miss this day with you also Onihei! We really had a great time and great conditions that day! And let’s go this Spring for some steam buns and some relaxation! 😉