Looking inside the cocoon

Looking inside the cocoon

During the photowalk I had in Tokyo back in April, our group made our way through the streets of Shinjuku, shooting everything in our path whether it was people, cars, Sakura, or in the case of this shot, architecture. Japan has some of the most beautiful and interesting architecture in the world and a great example of that is the Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower right in the heart of the district. Inside the this building are three different types of schools. A fashion school, a tech and design school, and a medical school. They’ve certainly put a good range of subjects in there, haven’t they? If my research is correct, this is also the 17th tallest building in the country. I had seen this building from afar many times, and I’ve even seen some beautiful shots of it. But standing right next to it gave it a whole new perspective. It really seemed quite epic and very futuristic. And with the clouds above and the reflections of another building clearly visible, I decided to take this shot of it.

  • http://twitter.com/ShootTokyo Dave Powell

    Cool shot Mark. My old office building was just a few blocks away.

    • http://www.themarkeworld.com/ Mark Esguerra

      Thanks a lot Dave! It must have been pretty neat to see this building from up high.