All lines lead home

All lines lead homeAs I’m sure any of you that visit my humble little photoblog can tell I’ve been playing around with the Sony A7R as of late. It’s a fine camera, but I must say that I haven’t gotten the results I’ve been hoping for using my Nikon glass (with a Metabones adapter to attach it to the Sony E-mount). I know that lenses attached with an adapter don’t always jive well with the camera it’s attached to, but I had hopes. There is currently no native FE Sony wide angle lens available, and based on their FE lens schedule, it doesn’t seem like there’s anything in the works for at least this year. There is a 10-18mm NEX lens which according to other photographers works really well, but it’s quite expensive, as are most quality Sony lenses, and it’s only an f/4 lens. For landscapes it would be fine, but that won’t help me when it comes to star shooting. I’ve talked about my bad luck with the Sony 16mm f/2.8 lens in previous posts, but I ended up returning that lens because getting anything sharp with that lens paired with the A7R was too far and few in between. So I thought I could get away with using my Tokina 16-28mm f/2.8 for Nikon as my wide angle setup but as I said, it wasn’t giving me any pleasing results. That is, until a few nights ago when I took this shot in Downtown LA. Leave it to home sweet home to give me what I need. ;-P

I decided to get out to the 4th street bridge above the 110 freeway to get this shot. My native Sony 35mm lens wasn’t near wide enough, so it seemed like a good time to give the Tokina and Metabones adapter another go. And I have to say that I couldn’t be more pleased with the results I got. As it has with the Nikon 50mm lens that I’ve used with the A7R, the focus peaking really came through for me again and helped me insure that the entire heart of DTLA was in focus. The image, though not quite as sharp as other results, was naturally sharp enough. The shots I got in DTLA during this shoot practically restored my faith in this pairing of lens and camera and now I’m itching to get out to the desert and shoot the stars.

It’s funny though, I’m not much of a pixel peeper but I’ve been examining the sharpness of each image I’ve shot with the A7R. I suppose it’s because I got images incredibly sharp with the Nikon D800 when I rented it a few months ago. So I’m holding the Sony to the same standard. But I also know it’s a bit of an unfair test because I only have one native lens for it so far. Anyways, shooting with the A7R will continue and if the results keep looking like this, then I’ll have less to gripe about. He he he.

For anyone interested, this was shot at I think an f/8 to f/10. The Metabones adapter leaves me using not just manual focus but also manual aperture, so I don’t have the precise f-stop info in the metadata. This was also at ISO 100 and a 30 second exposure.

  • Rachel Cohen

    Awesome perspective, and long exposure! Fantastic image Mark! :)

    • Mark Esguerra

      Thanks a lot Rachel! I’m glad you think so!

  • Takahiro

    It looks great!

    • Mark Esguerra

      Thank you my friend. If you ever make your way over here, I’ll make sure you get to see this scene in person! He he.

  • Muza-chan

    Great photo :)

    • Mark Esguerra

      Thanks a lot Muza-chan! I’m glad with how it turned out. He he.

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