Trying to hold on

Trying to hold on

One morning during a sunrise shoot at the Griffith Observatory I did what any early rising photographer would do. I hung around. I waited until the sun was completely up just to see how the low clouds and fog would move around the area and react to being kissed by the sunlight. The clouds were thick earlier in the morning and sure enough, the higher the sun rose, the more the fog started to lift and the clouds started to move away from the mountain peaks. I must have stood there for an hour watching the scene because it looked as though the clouds were trying to hold on to the mountains, not wanting to be drifted away by the morning breeze. It was the kind of view that made me smile and happy to know that I have such easy access to views like this. It’s also times like this that has me wondering if I could ever leave this place. If I were being pulled away would I try to hold on as well? Or could I do what I would usually do, and move forward ready to face the next adventure? Only time will tell I suppose, and until that time comes, I’ll continue to enjoy what I have in front of me.

  • onihei

    Such amazing colors and the writing got me think as well. hehe As if I stood there to see the mesmerizing view right now! :)

    • Mark Esguerra

      Thank you so much @f2713caa1ebbb22485a6e86cea77ae15:disqus! I’m glad you liked this post! And I’m glad you felt that you were there, because I wished you were! He he. πŸ˜‰