Yumi in L.A.

Yumi's beach

Today is a very special day! Today is the the very Happy Birthday of my dear friend, +Yumi Shoji! So I thought it would be fun to celebrate by sharing some of the photos I managed to shoot while she was in town visiting me for my birthday a couple of months ago! He he. While she was in town we went all over the place! From DTLA to Disneyland to Universal Studios and to the beautiful beaches of Malibu, such as where this first shot was taken. I took her to El Matador State Beach to check out the scene, relax and enjoy the warm California sunset. She expressed how much she wanted to watch the sunset from the beach and I was happy to get her out there so she could get her feet in the sand.

Happy candy apples

And considering that it’s Yumi’s special day, how could I not share some of the tasty sweets that we were able to see and enjoy during her trip. She’s got a bit of a sweet tooth so I made sure to provide her with plenty of snacks to munch on. In fact, we had so many snacks that just looking at some was enough to satisfy, like these happy looking candy apples we found at Disneyland!

Mickey Cake Pop

And it wouldn’t be a Disney treat without something made in the shape of Mickey’s head. He he.

Seeing red

And to help make this a truly proper birthday, here are some flowers for the birthday girl. Yumi has an incredible vision as a photographer and she was able to spot this arrangement from a mile away, so I leaned in nice and tight and grabbed a shot of it as well. I just hope I have enough of these to bring to the celebration. He he.

Shark attack

And no party would be complete without some entertainment, right? And there’s nothing more entertaining than having Jaws himself pop out of the water right next to you. When we were on the tram tour ride at Universal Studios, we didn’t realize how close we would be to this great white shark. So when he popped up I was lucky to grab this quick shot of him as he splashed water giving us some nice, cool relief from the summer heat.

iPhone shooting

And of course, being that Yumi is a very talented photographer, I couldn’t let her miss out on the beautiful Los Angeles cityscape! So I took her up to the mountains where we could grab a clear and epic view for her to shoot. And not only did she take a bunch of shots with her camera, but she also took some awesome shots with her trusty iPhone!

Yumi's weapon of choice

And here’s her other weapon of choice for her trip. Her trusty Nikon! She’s recently upgraded to a DSLR, but she’s taken so many great shots with this camera that I thought I’d share this photo of her longtime pal. 😉

A smile to warm my heart

And last, but not least, we need a smile bright enough to warm my heart. Every time that we’re able to hangout, whether it’s in L.A. or in her home of Japan, I always have an incredibly fun time. And part of the fun is getting to see my friend smile and have fun with me.

So have a Happy Birthday, Yumi! I hope you have an incredible day today! 😉

For anybody interested in seeing more photos from this trip, you can search for “Yumi Shoji” right here on my blog, or you can log into Google+ and search the hashtag #YumiinLA. There you’ll find more photos from me as well as from Yumi herself.

  • onihei

    This is one AWEOSOME and SWEET post ever Mark, I’m so touched with your each words and these pics make me miss my L.A time! Thank you so much for such a sweeeeeeeeeet dedication;) And you know what I’m incredibly happy to see you on my day here in Japan this year;)

    • http://www.themarkeworld.com/ Mark Esguerra

      I’m so happy to hear that you like this post @f2713caa1ebbb22485a6e86cea77ae15:disqus! Your time here in L.A. was one of the most memorable weeks of my life and I couldn’t have had a better week without you! And I had another incredible week with you for your Bday and I’m pleased I was able to celebrate your big day with you! I can’t wait until the next time! 😉