San Diego Part 1

Amtrak Surfliner

Last week on my days off I made a spur of the moment decision to go to San Diego. A very good friend of mine, now living in another state, was in San Diego on a business trip so it made the decision that much easier to get up and go. I basically had a half day window to get to the city, hang out with my buddy, and get back with plenty of time to rest before the next day of work. So instead of driving myself which would just exhaust me and waste my time having to look for parking around town, I decided to get over to the Union Station and hop on board a good ol’ fashioned train.

Train seats

I purchased a ticket for an unreserved seat in the Coach car, which was actually a pretty comfortable seat with plenty of leg room. I got lucky and found this car which had plenty of seats still open, so I chose a nice seat by the window to enjoy the scenery. I’m no stranger to trains, but I haven’t actually taken a train within the United States for at least 10 years, so I have to admit I was a bit excited.

Train ride 1Train ride 2A train going in the opposite direction. I always love watching how fast trains go by each other.

Train ride 3I just thought it was cool how the trucks were lined up here. ;-P

Harbor Seafood MartAs soon as my train arrived at the San Diego station, I have to admit to just walking. I stepped off of the train, exited the train station, looked around and headed towards the ocean. I made my way to the Harbor Seafood Mart at the Port of San Diego where I walked along the ocean enjoying the sea breeze.

Sea serpentFaceAll along the port, there are a number of fine art statues decorating the walkway. It’s a very nice and attractive touch. It really makes the walk enjoyable.

FishSeaport VillageWhile walking along the sea, I found myself at the Seaport Village. It’s just an area with various shops and restaurants, but the charm of this area is the great view of the ocean with so many passing ships, including Naval battle ships!

Wet FloorI just thought the placement of the Wet Floor cone was funny. ;-P

Kite flyingThis was a nice little park area by the Seaport Village where a lot of parents were teaching their kids to fly kites. With the ocean breeze consistent and constant, some kids were able to get their kites very high.

Docked boats

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