San Diego Part 2

Maritime Museum

During my short stay in San Diego I decided to head over to the Maritime Museum right along the waterfront. I love ships. I admit that I don’t know much about them technically, but I do enjoy these beautiful classic ships. There are about 7 vessels that are a part of the museum and visitors have the option of exploring them in any order. I decided to start with the ship that was docked right next to the ticket booth, the Star of India.

Historic LandmarkA registered Historic Landmark since the 60’s, this vessel has been well maintained. It’s actually quite impressive how pristine this ship is, considering that it’s been open to the public for so many years.

RopeUse HandrailNot only is the deck of the ship open for exploration, visitors also have the opportunity to go below deck to see more of the ship, where there is a small exhibit with various ship models, charted maps and posters with historical facts and images. I didn’t spend too much time photographing the exhibits because they were a ton of people down below and enjoying the scene. And it was pretty stuffy so I kept myself moving. ;-P

PortholePassengersThis is what one of the passenger rooms looked like. Very tight quarters back in the day. Can you imagine being on board for months, maybe years at a time in such a tight space?

View of the HMS SurpriseUnderneath the stern of the ship, they had these windows open to let us have a nice view of the HMS Surprise. Another of the classic ships that’s part of the Maritime Museum.

Mates quartersThis is what a room above deck looks like. I believe that these rooms belonged to the crew of the ship, or at least the officers. Still very tight but with only 2 beds. Is it just me or is that doll incredibly creepy? ;-P

Down belowThis stairway gave officers quick access to the wheel of the ship from their quarters area.



  • Chor Win Lee

    Just got the chance to watch insidious movie yesterday, the creepy doll make me recall of the “object” again… lol

    • TheMarke

      He he, yeah, very creepy. I’m glad that I didn’t visit this ship at night! ;-P