The Bay Bridge

The Bay Bridge

During my walkabout around San Francisco with my pal +Jon Armstrong, we decided to try and get a really good view of the Bay Bridge. While looking for a nice point of view we decided to try and find a nice rooftop to stand on and shoot the bridge from a unique vantage point. We found ourselves entering the Hills Bros. Coffee building  just overlooking the bridge and went up to the highest floor we had access too. When we stepped out of the elevator we found ourselves at the entrance to the Mozilla corporate office. The door was wide open so we stepped inside and took a quick peek to see if there was any way possible to get to the roof. Once we spotted a door we started to come up with some kind of story to feed the receptionist, hoping to get permission to walk through and out to the roof. After a couple of minutes of drawing blanks, we decided to just tell them our intentions straight up, figuring the worse that could happen was we get denied.

So we walked back in, explained that we were photographers in town for a photographers conference, and simply wanted to shoot the Bay Bridge from their patio rooftop. Much to our surprise they happily obliged, even walking us to and opening the patio door for us and left us alone to shoot for as long as we wanted. We had a fun time shooting from that roof and a big thanks to the fine people at Mozilla for being really cool about letting us get up there.

Hills Bros. Coffee

This is a view of the Hills Bros. Coffee sign from the roof. I wanted to get a shot of how close we were to the sign. But dummy me forgot to get pictures of the Mozilla sign inside of the offices. I guess I was just pretty excited about getting access to a cool spot that I didn’t think to shoot anything more. He he. Well, hopefully I’ll get another chance one day. ;-P

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