What you lookin’ at?

What you looking at?

When I was last at the Jurong Bird Park in Singapore, I was still very much in my beginning phases of photography. Up to this point I hadn’t really shot any portraits or animals or anything other than landscapes really. Well, at least not shoot it well. So I tried my best to get shots of the various birds that inhabited the park. When I came across this section I was just aimlessly taking shot after shot of whatever moved and that’s when this guy stopped in his tracks and looked my way. He seemed to be staring straight at me, probably annoyed by the endless shutter clicks that were coming from my camera. He stared for quite a bit so naturally, I took his portrait, brought my camera down to take a look at him, and he went on his way. I’m not quite sure what species of bird this is, but I do plan to go back there eventually and note each species I encounter. He he.