Landmark sculpture

Landmark sculpture

During my last visit to Yokohama, Japan a few months ago, I made a stop over to the Landmark Tower with +Yumi Shoji. Outside in the quad area was this giant sculpture. I must admit I don't know the history or the name of this sculpture, but it … [Read more...]

龍王殿 – Hatto (Dharma Hall)

Hatto (Dharma Hall) HDR

I took this shot during my last visit to Japan, when I was able to visit the Kencho-ji Temple in Kamakura, Japan. This is a look inside the Hatto (Dharma Hall). It was built in 1814 and to this day is still the largest Buddhist wooden temple … [Read more...]

建長寺 – Kenchoji Temple HDR

Kenchoji Temple HDR

This is the Sanmon gate at the Kenchoji Temple in Kamakura, Japan. Sanmon is considered to be the main gate and is an important fixture in the layout of a Zen temple. It sits between the outer gate (where most visitors enter) and the main hall, … [Read more...]