Dawn at Mt. Timpanogos

Dawn at Mt. Timpanogos

One of the more memorable places I’ve had the pleasure of visiting this year was Mt. Timpanogos in Utah earlier this year. The snow wasn’t as full as it would have been in the winter, but being there at dawn to witness the sunrise was such a real treat that how could I forget it? Snow on the ground, snow on the mountains, the clouds in the sky and the stars still twinkling is enough to put a smile on anybody’s face. A bunch of us that were in town for the Jarviewalk piled into several vehicles and convoyed over to this spot. Before we all headed into the snowy woods to get closer to the mountain, we setup for some night shots from the dry, solid ground of the parking lot. This is one of the shots I ended up with and doesn’t just serve to help remind me of the scene, but to also remind me of the good times we had that day.

  • Ben

    wonderful shot. Great light and amazing star sky!

    • http://www.themarkeworld.com/ Mark Esguerra

      Thanks a lot @d950484f6d11837cfa798c0412237058:disqus! I appreciate it! It really was a great scene out there!